Teetering upon the brink of the abysmal

Been a while since I took this blog properly to heart.  This is about to change as there are oddnesses afoot in my life that are about to have a markedly interesting effect on my day to day life.

Now it may come as nothing of a surprise to anyone who has ever listened to my ranting drivel at length that I don’t just spend my time writing about Theatre, Video Games and Books.  For the last five years I’ve been working in a vaguely ceremonial capacity in the Scottish Supreme Court.  A Macer in fact, an obscure Sottish form of the English Bayliff or Officer of The Court.  Think of it as being a bit like the Imperial Guard from Star Wars, only without the Red Cloaks and Cylon-esque Helmets.  It involves a lot of shouting, a lot of sitting in on legal proceedings and a far greater proximity to illegal drugs, laundered money, guns, knives and bloodied clothes than anyone would really want.

“But Gertrude” You say, (presumably to someone else)  “How can The Reviewist possibly have found the time to work as a badly paid Civil Servant and still have churned out some of the most awful self aggrandising prose we’ve ever read?”

Well Mavis (probably not your name) the benefit of a sinecure such as mine has been that from time to time during dull and lengthy civil disputes I’ve been plugging away on my trusty devices to hammer out some reviews, edit some articles and email my folks and friends in PR and other associate enterprisings.  Whilst this has usually only represented about 1/4 of my daily working time, it’s been enough to do a small amount of the work I need to stuff under the mattress each week, leaving me with a little more free time in the evenings to find new ways to turn differing offal and vegetable products into a beery casserole that invariably tastes the same. No that’s not a metaphor, at least I hope it isn’t.

The long and short of it is that after half a decade doing this, I have finally reached the point where I overwhelmingly feel that my day job is now taking too muh time away from my writing work.  So I’m heading off on my own, toward a sunny future under that lovely word which strikes fear into the heart of bank managers everywhere. Freelance.

Given that this will almost certainly mean an increased presence online, you’re now going to hear a lot more from me. In fact seeing as I’m now investigating the likelihood of Podcasting, you in fact hear me in a literal rather than literary form. (Boom…Boom…)

So to pastures new.
End of Line.


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